Press release // Frankfurt / Hamburg / Neu-Isenburg // 24. April 2019

euromicron awarded multi-million euro contract for technical building equipment project in Hanover

Two system house companies in the euromicron Group will revitalize seven-story building complex

The euromicron AG, a medium-sized technology group and specialist for digital buildings, has won the contract for a major building technology project worth €3.6 million. The system house subsidiaries euromicron Deutschland GmbH and ssm euromicron GmbH were jointly commissioned to revitalize the electrical, network and security technology of the office and business building at Joachimstraße 8 in Hanover’s Central District. The building, which is near to the central station, has an underground car park and is situated next to the historical listed Ernst August Carrée center, was erected by Deutsche Bahn in 1969 and taken over by the real estate group GETEC Immobilien on October 1, 2018. The seven-story complex has a gross area of around 22,000 m2 and, among other things, comprises a large kitchen with a canteen and lobbies on the ground floor. When the revitalization project has been completed, the building is to house the city council’s Youth and Family department from 2021 on. The owner-builder and client is the GETEC Immobilien group, a sister company of the energy service provider GETEC. The GETEC Immobilien group’s investments focus in particular on Hanover, Magdeburg and Potsdam/Berlin. The revitalization work was planned in cooperation between euromicron and the engineering office Taube und Goerz, Hanover, which is acting as advisor to the GETEC Immobilien group for the overall project.

Photo 1: The building complex at Joachimstraße 8 in Hanover (© Architekturbüro Schulze & Partner, Hanover)

The technical building equipment implemented by euromicron comprises the complete high- and low-voltage current cabling, setup of the network infrastructure for connection of all workplaces to the ICT system (including installation of server racks in the IT technical rooms), and installation of energy-efficient LED lighting that uses daylight harvesting and has a presence detection system. As part of the security technology, euromicron is implementing systems to protect against lightning and current surges, a fire alarm system with acoustic alerting, an emergency lighting system, and an emergency circuit for the elevator system. In order to ensure as complete as possible access control, transponder readers will be installed at all entrances and doors on floors, at the entrances to stairways in the underground car park and basement, and at the doors to the IT technical rooms. The technical building equipment is rounded out by doorbell and door intercoms directly connected to the telephone system. As part of implementation of this building technology work, the client GETEC Immobilien group benefits from a blanket agreement that guarantees precisely coordinated installation of all high- and low-voltage current equipment from a single source. In addition, a maintenance agreement with a term of five years as of the project’s end has been concluded between euromicron and the GETEC Immobilien group.

Photo 2: The building complex is connected to the Ernst August Carrée center by means of a gallery (on the left in the photo) (© Architekturbüro Schulze & Partner, Hanover)

“Capturing this exceptional major project illustrates what an important status the euromicron Group has acquired in the field of building system integration,” states Bettina Meyer, Spokeswoman of the Executive Board of euromicron. “The collaboration between the sister companies euromicron Deutschland and ssm euromicron in submitting an offer and accomplishing the work once again underscores what synergy effects the companies operating together in our group frequently generate.” Dr. Karl Gerhold from the GETEC Immobilien group also feels sure that the major project will benefit from precisely those effects. “The offer submitted by euromicron Deutschland and ssm euromicron was persuasive in every respect. Their extensive expertise and experience in all relevant fields, the close intermeshing of the two companies and the customer-friendly contracts prove that we’ve found exactly the right project partner. We look forward to working with them.”

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