Smart Office

IT switches as the intelligent control center for office buildings

Security and Energy Efficiency in the Smart Office
Security and Energy Efficiency in the Smart Office

Unlike Critical Infrastructures, smart building systems are not vital, but can generate many advantages for companies in the face of intensifying competition. That is because they offer many means of cutting costs, as well as enhancing convenience for employees. MICROSENS, a subsidiary of the euromicron Group, offers "Smart Office" services – intelligent solutions for fire prevention, video surveillance, access control and process automation, extending as far as efficient energy and building management. Its Smart Building functionalities ensure greater security, energy efficiency, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness in modern buildings. The basis for that is a powerful all-round concept that unites the various building automation systems in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Use case

Micro-switches – intelligent network components – control all actuators and sensors locally in a building. Power consumption can be reduced through optimized use of resources (PoE+). Applications (apps) on the switches offer functionalities that were inconceivable years ago and enable integration of further, hitherto separate systems, such as heating and air-conditioning. Moreover, security (disconnect monitoring) and convenience (App your Net) can be lastingly increased in the building by means of complementary applications.

MICROSENS Smart Office Concept

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