Smart Lighting

Light from the network

Smart Lighting - Light provided by the Network
Smart Lighting – Light provided by the Network

A special solution as part of Smart Buildings are intelligent lighting systems,  which can be implemented successfully using network components from MICROSENS, a subsidiary of the euromicron Group. For instance, even economical LED lights can save even more power if they are on only at the time they are needed and in the required brightness. Illuminated rooms, corridors or underground car parks that are empty are an issue in many companies and “burn” money. The remedy is an intelligent concept: Lighting that uses its own brain – Smart Lighting (PDF). That is possible by combining intelligent network and LED technology. Energy costs can be cut by 25 to 30 percent solely by using sensors and actuators to provide lighting at the precise time and place it is needed.


Use case

There is no disputing the fact that LED lights are more economical than conventional bulbs. But simply replacing the latter is not enough. State-of-the-art LED lights display their advantages to real effect only in interaction with sensors and intelligent network switches. That is because they can be integrated cost-effectively in the LAN infrastructure, which is needed anyway in offices and already exists, by means of Power over Ethernet technology. Sensors supply the data on brightness, temperature and whether people are in the room. An app on the micro-switches regulates the lighting to suit users’ needs.

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