Smart Industry

Intelligent infrastructures for production

Assembly and test stations at the ELABO Smart Factory
Assembly and test stations at the ELABO Smart Factory

The vision of Smart Services focuses on production, since that segment is directly associated with the vision of the Smart Industry and Germany has a particularly good starting position in this regard.

The euromicron Group develops a holistic approach for Smart Industry and the related processes for its customers and implements it in a forward-looking way that protects investments. ELABO, a euromicron Group company, presents concrete use scenarios for the Smart Factory in its showroom in Crailsheim, Swabia. Production of the future might look like this, for example: A box flashes on the workbench. A young lady with data glasses removes a screw and places it in the printed circuit board in front of her. The screwdriver buzzes shortly. The young lady says “action continue” and the component before her moves one station further on the assembly belt to be controlled by a camera. In the meantime, a robot arrives with fresh screws.

Use case

Digital networking of all the main value-creating instances in small and medium-sized production operations by means of central data management software. The resultant information is made available at every workplace. Powerful network infrastructures and special IT security solutions ensure the availability and protection of processes by means of the gathered production data. The Smart Industry can only be a success if applications are secure and available round the clock.

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